Career Opportunity working to project on Saudi Arabia

Career Opportunity working to project on Saudi Arabia, URGENTLY for each of these position below – #ProjectManager #ProjectEngineers #ElectricalEngineers #CivilEngineers #ProtectionsEngineers #ElectricalDesignEngineers

We need about 50 engineers for this project.

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Lowongan Kerja untuk project di Saudi Arabia




The White House estimates that there are half a million tech jobs available in the U.S.alone, meanwhile more than 5% of the U.S. population remains unemployed. There aren’t enough skilled professionals to assume these roles, and despite thousands of people learning to code, the tech workforce continues to be fairly homogenous.

Our society can only benefit from having a variety of people pursue work in tech. A more diverse workforce means more innovative ideas and stronger solutions. That’s why fellowships like General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund are working to make tech education more accessible to underrepresented groups like women, people of color, veterans, and individuals from low-income backgrounds. Students can apply for scholarships and support for our full-time, career-changing programs in either web development or user experience design.

This life-changing program is made possible by generous benefactors like Toptal, the world’s leading network of elite freelance software developers. Toptal has committed $100,000 to help fund ten Opportunity Fund fellows, and an additional $1 million in mentorship support from its roster of senior engineers around the globe.

Toptal’s expansive network includes experienced developers from Buenos Aires to Bratislava, many of whom have volunteered to mentor Opportunity Fund fellows. These global mentors help students work through difficult course topics while also offering real-world advice as they embark on an exciting career change.

Bryant, an Opp Fund fellow in New York, says that he decided to get a Toptal mentor “to ask questions about how the real world of programming works.” He found that the experience exceeded his expectations, “I am learning so much about the programming community.”

Bryant’s mentor is Rodrigo, a software engineer who lives in Recife, Brazil. “I remember trying to get started with programming back when I was a teenager and it wasn’t an easy thing,” said Rodrigo. “Lots of failures before any success and sometimes it was hard to feel like I was going anywhere. I figure if I had a mentor it’d have been easier, I could have learned better and faster. Now I can be the mentor!”

While Bryant studies to become a developer, he is also able to chat with Rodrigo about trends and best practices in the industry. Bryant, who says he always wanted to learn about how programs are built, meets regularly with Rodrigo to go over projects and questions. “The most helpful [thing] I’ve learned so far is that there are frameworks that help you develop mobile applications instead of knowing mobile development,” said Bryant.

Opportunity Fund fellows are receiving expert guidance from their course instructors, support from the GA community, and now a direct line to working developers across the world. Our partnership with Toptal is critical to the success of our students and gives Toptal mentors the chance to continue honing their own programming skills.

“It’s been awesome to work with him,” Rodrigo said of Bryant. “You can learn a lot by teaching. I hope I can help him get comfortable with developing a project from scratch and see it becoming something usable by everyone while fully understanding the tech behind it.”

Connecting talented developers from around the world may not solve all the challenges facing the tech industry, but our global community is helping to bridge the diversity gap in tech, one student at a time.

OPENING JOB for QA/QC Engineer (Civil) – 2 persons – URGENT

Academic Background: Degree with Civil Engineering from University
Work Background: Have experience with QA QC for petro chemical plant projects or construction for more than 5 years. Have experience to work with Japanese Engineering is preferable
Location: Who can work at project site (Cilegon).


  • Responsible for all aspects related to Project quality assurance and quality control.
  • Preparation of the Project Specific Quality Plan, inspection and test plans, check-sheets and related procedures.
  • Implementation of the Quality Management & Control programme for the project.
  • Daily site inspection and periodical offsite inspection.
  • Controlling all inspection activities on site.
  • Completion of necessary documentation to verify the work performed.
  • Ensuring that inspection requests are implemented.
  • Ensuring that all test reports are verified to meet the contract requirements.
  • To ensure all materials delivered to site are inspected and conform to specified requirements.
  • Issue and administer Non Conformance Reports as necessary and ensure follow up.
  • Report to the Project Manager any deficiencies in the operation of Quality Management & Control System.
  • Completion of final quality documentation in a presentable manner, in accordance with the conditions of contract.
  • Responsible for overseeing/audits of subcontractor Quality Management systems.

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OPENING JOB for ”Quantity Surveyor ( Civil) – URGENT”

Lowongan kerja, dicari SEGERA: ” Quantity Surveyor ( Civil) ”

– Dapat membaca/ menerjemahkan gambar kerja.
– Kengetahuan material konstruksi dan spesifikasi.
– Geometri
– Keterampilan komputer minimal excel & AutoCAD.
– Melakukan review RAB dan RAP dari gambar kontrak untuk back up progres 0% (awal proyek)
– Membuat proposal pekerjaan tambah kurang ke owner berdasarkan back up volume progress 0%.
– Melakukan seleksi, komparasi mandor dan sub kontraktor.
– Melakukan monitoring progress pekerjaan dan tagihan mandor dan sub kontraktor
– Melakukan verifikasi tagihan mandor/sub kontraktor.
– Melakukan monitoring progres pekerjaan dan penagihan prestasi ke owner.
– Membuat tagihan ke owner berdasarkan progress pekerjaan
– Mengelola dan menyusun proposal claim (kepada pihak-3 dan pemilik proyek)
– Pendidikan Minimal D3 majoring in Civil Engineering
– Pengalaman kerja minimal 7 tahun dalam bidang tersebut
– Mampu berkomunikasi Bahasa Inggris
– Project area: Cilegon

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Lowongan Kerja, Dicari UI/UX Web Designer segera


Kami sedang mencari UI/UX WEB DESIGNER yang berkualitas, jujur, bertanggung jawab, Cinta Design, dgn kriteria sebagai berikut :

(1) Photoshop / Corel Draw
(2) HTML
(3) CSS
(4) Memiliki bakat dan minat kecintaan dalam design website.

  • Mohon agar “tidak” melamar jika tidak memiliki skill yang diwajibkan di atas.Akan diadakan test untuk menguji skill yang diwajibkan di atas.


  • Membuat design website yang bagus, menarik dan berstandar internasional.
  • Membuat design website dengan format PSD
  • Membuat website dari design di atas menjadi halaman web (HTML + CSS) dan images yang di-slice dengan baik dan efisien.


  • Diutamakan yang siap ditempatkan kerja di kota mana saja, dan mulai bekerja sesegera mungkin dan belum menikah (single)
  • Kerja di bidang design minimal 2 tahun.
  • Pengalaman membuat design website adalah wajib.
  • Pernah atau memahami konsep “Responsive”
  • Memiliki website / blog pribadi akan menjadi nilai plus.

Semua pencari kerja baik dari dalam dan luar Jakarta dipersilakan untuk melamar.

Jika Anda salah satu yg kami cari, sesuai dgn kriteria di atas, dan berminat, silakan kirimkan portfolio design Anda yang berhubungan dengan website, dan CANTUMKAN gaji yang diharapkan dan nomor HP yg bisa untuk kami hubungi ke:

OPENING JOB for “CIVIL ENGINEER” (Japanese only)

Our client is a Leading Civil Engineering Construction urgently needs the position with specific requirements as below:


· Analyze survey reports, maps, and other data to plan projects

· Consider construction costs, potential environmental hazards, and other factors in planning stages and risk analysis

· Perform or oversee soil testing to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations

· Test building materials, such as concrete, or steel, for use in particular projects

· Provide cost estimates for materials, equipment, or labor to determine a project’s economic feasibility

· Able to analyze unit price & calculate work volume as well as calculate progress of works

· Have experience in Japanese construction company will be prioritized

· Minimum 10 years experience in civil & building project

· Minimum diploma in Civil Engineering from reputable university

· Japanese Nationality residing in Indonesia who has legal permit

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Opening Job for Soils Eartwork Supervisor

Our Client is a leading oil company engaged in Engineering Procurement Construction urgently needs the position with specific requirements as below:

Soils Eartwork Supervisor

Job Descriptions:
.       Identifies which methods and equipment to use for each type of soil
and rock
encountered. Identifies and establishes  sampling procedures to obtain
information concerning soil characteristics.
.       Ensures  to obtain required soils information  and work progress
reports to
verify hours and project numbers, and to ensure accurate calculations.
.       Identifies and monitors project progress.  Ensures periodic and
maintenance of survey equipment, recommending replacement as necessary.
.       Develops specifications, projects costs and justifications for new
equipment. Directs field staff in response to emergency repair projects
resulting from natural disasters.
.        Reviews/coordinates descriptions, soil sampling patterns and
techniques of individual crews through periodic visits to the projects to
ensure that necessary data is collected and policies are carried out.
.        Knowledge of soil sampling techniques and requirements for various
types of
projects including bridges, culverts, retaining walls, roadways, borrows,
.       Skill in the operation and maintenance of a variety of engineering
equipment for soil sampling

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