Rainbow Moon: A New Strategy RPG for PlayStation 3

Over a year ago, we alerted you to a new strategy RPG that was being prepped for launch exclusively on the PlayStation Network. More details on the game began to leak this past November, when we learned that developer SideQuest Studios — famous for its Soldner-X games on PSN — was well along on the project.

And today, thanks to the PlayStation Blog, we now have our very first trailer for the game, some new screenshots and other pertinent details.

SideQuest Studios’ CEO Marcus Pukropski explains what the game’s all about. “Akin to our Soldner-X game series, we have taken an innovative approach by combining classical elements with new ideas.” For instance, there are both random enemy encounters and more traditional enemy combat. Battles, in traditional SRPG fashion, take place on grids, and action is turn-based.

Rainbow Moon totes “over 120 special skills” that can be used on “around 100 different enemies from 17 classes, each with its own characteristics.” Heavy emphasis on leveling-up, finding new equipment, bettering your weapons and armor and more have all been promised.

Strategy RPG madness!Oh, and it will have over 50 PlayStation Network Trophies, including a coveted Platinum Trophy.

Rainbow Moon doesn’t have a specific release date or price yet (though Mr. Pukropski did note in the comments of the blog post that the game shouldn’t be priced higher than $15). The post does state that the game “will be published on the PlayStation Store by our long-term partner eastasiasoft in just a few weeks.” So the wait shouldn’t be too much longer!

Most recent contributions for Rainbow Moon: Loading contributions… Game DetailsGet ESRB Information Rainbow MoonRainbow MoonRainbow MoonPublished by: EastAsiaSoftPublished by: EastAsiaSoftPublished by: EastAsiaSoftDeveloped by: SideQuest StudiosDeveloped by: SideQuest StudiosDeveloped by: SideQuest StudiosGenre: Strategy RPGNumber of Players: 1Release Date:
US:Q2 2012
Japan: Q1 2012
Release Date:
Europe:Q2 2012Release Date:
Australia: Q2 2012RP for Rating PendingPEGI: RPOFLC: RP


Rainbow Moon: A New Strategy RPG for PlayStation 3


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