Bender, The Successor To The Victory For Germany

Goal celebration, which became Lars Bender a deciding victory over Denmark in Lviv Germany Arena, June 17, 2012.

From the name of Lars Bender (23) entered in the senior team squad in September 2011, Germany itself is merely a status as a backup. When Germany faced Poland which ended 2-2, Bender, according to its status, go to the field to replace Simon Rolfes.

When Joachim Loew put together his army to fight in the European Championship 2012, midfield player name Bayer Leverkusen also being the name or last name that is registered as a player Der Panzer.

During the two initial teams fight Germany in the knockout stage of the European Cup Group B 2012 shall remain satisfied, Bender as a substitute. Just look at when Germany won 1-0 over Portugal, in the opening Group B action. The name Bender comes after Loew attractive one players.

A similar thing was repeated again as Germany WINS 2-0 over the Netherlands. Again only included to replace Bender his companion to be pulled out by Loew.

The arrival of “trust” which may be due to a slight Loew had to it, given the new Bender after Jerome Boateng, Bayern Munich’s Ghana Defender bloody it couldn’t play due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

New on pamaungkas action that determines the position of Germany (to go forward or not to the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 2012), for the first time Bender playing a full 90 minutes. Bender became a starter when facing Denmark in Lviv, Ukraine, Sunday (5/6).

Pay Direct
Belief that directly paid cash Loew by Bender. He created the winning goal Germany in the 80th minute. Clear goals are to release the deadlock, after repeatedly dobrakkan in defence Germany Denmark often were stranded. Germany is now a champion of Group B, since it has had 9 points. That means in the quarter finals, Saturday (23/6) ahead, Germany will be confronted with Greece which is the runner-up of group a.

But, will the trust that has been retrieved from Loew, Bender the architect known Germany close to the players and the supporters of Germany, would still continue to other important party in the 2012 European Championship?

The possibilities wide open. When viewing a disciplined performance Bender for 90 minutes against Denmark. Bender has already proven itself can execute his duties as a defender with the good, while Germany had the attack. Similarly, when Germany midfield help. Even if he already prove Bender could become executors were accurate when riding helps Germany striker lineup. (NIC)

Bender, The Successor To The Victory For Germany

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