Bento: Portugal’s brilliant, terrific, and Organized

Portugal’s national team coach, Paulo Bento.

The game is indicated when the Netherlands Portugal plunked, 2-1, at the Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv, making proud Coach Paulo Bento. Moreover, those results bear fruit with sweet lolosnya “Seleccao” into the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 2012.

Portugal was able to rise from the Netherlands, scored a quick player Rafael van der Vaart. Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo ensured Portugal to meet Czech Republic steps in the big 8.

“I am proud of what we did as a team. I am also pleased that we have managed to achieve a goal. We do it with brilliant, great, and well organized, “said Bento.

Bento went on to recall the incident at the 1984 European Championship. At that time, was in the Prime performance Portugal European Cup. And amazingly, Portugal directly to semifinals, before the advance was halted by French during extra time.

“We remember moments in 1984 when the first time Portugal appear in the European Cup,” said Bento, view his team like team motivation, Portugal 28 years ago.

Bento: Portugal’s brilliant, terrific, and Organized


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