Cesare Prandelli Speak Tasteful not “Biscuits”


Italy’s national team coach, Cesare Prandelli & Carlos Dunga.


Italy Coach Cesare Prandelli & Carlos Dunga was reluctant to talk about “biscuits” in the Spain game versus Croatia. He chose to concentrate full party against Ireland, Monday (18/6/2012) night local time.


Biscotto, Italy for biscuits, is a thinly veiled reference to match results setting discreetly. If Spain and Croatia “agreement” to end the match in a 2-2 draw or tie with a higher score, “La Nazionale” will lift the suitcase more morning of Euro 2012 arena.


Eight years ago, Italy was eliminated from the Euro 2004 after Sweden and Denmark ended action draw 2-2. “Blue force” seemed to lose home because the record head-to-head.


“I’ve told you three days ago, everything depends on ourselves. We have prepared our own face matches and only focus thinking the end result, “call the AFP quoted coach Cesare Prandelli.


If the media put out news that interfere with concentration, Italy coach Cesare Prandelli said, his team would not be affected.


“Image of the trick play Spain reflected attractive, watchable, palatable and entertaining. It’s unlikely they set the match results, “continued the coach Ace. ex


Cesare Prandelli has insisted that Ireland will not throw in the towel despite having been thrown from the 2012 European Championship.


“They lost 1-4 of Spain, but after an hour the new Ireland conceded 0-1. It shows the spirit and they know the right match to play football, “coach Cesare Prandelli shot.


He also refused to hide his tactics with silky said.


“Strange also heard me hiding something. The game system is not so important, what is important is everyone playing with heart, accepting, and gave everything, “says Cesare Prandelli diplomatically.


He also has its own memories of Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland for directing also. First, coach Cesare Prandelli was left winger while Trapattoni coached Juventus. When it’s 20-year-old coach Cesare Prandelli.


“If you talk, I talk about Trapattoni’s boss. He will still be my boss, “he said.


According to Cesare Prandelli, Trapattoni has its own strength, never give up, and always wanted to compete.


“For my part, Trapattoni is personal and amazing boss,” pungkasnya.


Cesare Prandelli Speak Tasteful not “Biscuits”


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