Fans Racist, Bilic Wants UEFA Harder

A fan of Croatia entered into the field and went over to Coach Slaven Bilic’s team matches against the Republic of Ireland at the Municipal Stadium, Poznan, Poland, Sunday (10/6/2012).

Croatia Coach Slaven Bilic wants UEFA harder cracking down on supporters of committing scientific racism.

“The big Problem throughout Europe and the world, on behalf of the Croatia national team, we’re not just disappointed,” call the AP reported by Jelavic.

Comments Bilic came out on Sunday (5/6/2012), or the day after UEFA fined Croatia due to suggestive action–the cry and symbol of racism–who had done suporternya when action against Italy in Poznan, Thursday (14/6/2012).

“We are not a racist country and that’s why we were so mad at a handful of lunatics in our supporters,” lamented Jelavic.

As citizens of Croatia, as a parent, as a sportsman, and as a private modern, open-minded, and be tolerant, Bilic wanted the authorities to stop all things related to racism.

UEFA are still investigating throw bananas to Mario Palermo identified came from supporters of Croatia.

In a television monitor to match Croatia against Italy, about 300 fans screaming like a monkey to Croatia in summer.

Fans Racist, Bilic Wants UEFA Harder


Komentar Anda

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