Rafael van der Vaart: a good start, Bad Ending

Netherlands midfielder and Tottenham Hotspur, Rafael van der Vaart.

A good start for the Netherlands. Rafael van der Vaart, team captain “Orange” start closing action group B Euro 2012 with the prime goal. Asa began rising public Netherlands witnessed Paget attacking midfielder. Alas, not quite cut off the Netherlands action from disaster.

Rafael Van der Vaart started with goals from winger operan Netherlands Arjen Robben. With trengginas, one of three players tim outwit “A Seleccao” Europe at once. Central Defender Bruno Alves and Pepe, as well as Portugal midfielder Miguel Veloso is bypassed.

Robben sent operan to Rafael Van der Vaart who welcomed her to be fired from a squad of opponents. Portugal goalkeeper Beto was unable to fend off a ball that changed the score to 1-0. Proponents of The Flying Dutchmen any cheer menyaksika bomb, Rafael van der Vaart.

Hope people start to Dim when the Netherlands Portugal attacker Cristiano Ronaldo equalize with a goal in the 28th minute. Supporters of the Netherlands finally cheer to a standing ovation when Ronaldo broke his back melesakkan ball to face guarded Marten Stekelenburg.

Nobody can be denied a group of hell made the rivalry became so intense antartim. So far during the Euro 2012, Orange team wracked by famine even goals. Of the three games in the group stage, the Netherlands only scored twice.

First, the attacker eljero donate a figure in action against Germany and the latter from Rafael van der Vaart. So hot scramble for tickets to the quarter-finals to Netherlands with predicate finalist 2010 World Cup also made no berkutik.

Rafael van Der Vaart as if facing an opponent’s weight segrup outages of Portugal and Germany. In fact, he is best known as a versatile player who can change its role of being a striker and a midfielder. Rafael Van der Vaart also came with the accuracy of operan.

The left leg and right can he use it with equally good. However, she could not take advantage of it excellence with optimal. Against Denmark, he was still sitting on the bench and only played on the minute 71. The decision not to address the influential resistance team “Dynamite” the less taken into account but can conquer the Netherlands, 1-0.

Similarly when facing Germany, Rafael van der Vaart revealed in the 46th minute. Rafael Van der Vaart is pretty instrumental that could print one Netherlands goals. However, it did not meet performance expectations with the defeat of the Netherlands, 1-2.

Furthermore, the captain could not withstand the power of his match versus Portugal with the coloring of the atmosphere which is quite hard. Referee issuing three yellow cards and two of them accepted Jetro Officer and eljero from Netherlands.

After the last duel in the Euro 2012, Rafael Van der Vaart received a sympathy greeting the opposing players. The captain must lift his luggage. (BAY)

Rafael van der Vaart: a good start, Bad Ending


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