There is something behind the perfection of Germany

Germany players celebrate victory over Denmark and qualify for the quarter-final of Euro 2012 together with his supporters in the Stadium Arena Lviv, Tuesday (17/6/2012). Germany won 2-1 over Denmark.

joined the group “hell” does not make the record Germany nicks perfection. Three action, three wins, nine numbers. They also became the ninth team? For?

* Germany became the ninth team to win the whole party group stage throughout the history of the Euro. However, only two of the eight teams that can win the trophy was previously screened (France 1984 and Spain 2008). Can Germany pawed “Les Bleus” achievement and “La Furia Roja”?

* For the team “Canon”, the victory in the group stage action is the first in the European Cup. World Cup Germany ever did. three times

* After brushing Denmark 2-1, Sunday or Monday (18/6/2012), Germany has fulfilled this victory streak in competitive action 14. They match the other European teams, namely the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

* Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player throughout the history of the European Cup, scored twice and twice tendangannya on the goalposts in a single action.

* Ronaldo is Portugal’s fourth player who scored twice in the final round of the Euro. Previously, Dr. Conceicao do Jordao, and Nuno Gomes.

* New Netherlands was first experienced defeat in the group stage matches during her participation in the European Cup and the World Cup. Lastly, “De Oranje” defeated three times in quick succession is 22 years ago.

There is something behind the perfection of Germany


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