Van der Vaart: Netherlands Should Reflect

Netherlands midfielder Rafael van der Vaart, unable to bring his country to qualify for the quarter-finals of the European Cup after losing to 2012 Portugal, 17 June 2012.

Netherlands Midfielder Rafael van der Vaart, said his team was eliminated from the Cup, Europe 2012 because of his own mistakes. He also apologized to his supporters.

Netherlands was eliminated in the group phase B as a gatekeeper with zero points, a whopping three results, i.e. 0-1 from Denmark (9/6/2012), 1-2 from Germany (13/6/2012), and 1-2 from Portugal (17/6/2012).

On action against Portugal, Netherlands excelled through Rafael Van der Vaart’s 11th at the minute. Flipping through a pair of State of Portugal goal Cristiano Ronaldo (31, 74).

According to UEFA, laga, Netherlands ruled over the ball as much as 58 percent and creating five chances of gold from 13 attempts. As for the Portugal release eight of 10 shots accurate experiment.

“We’ve got a number of golden opportunities early in the game, but Portugal is a strong team. In addition, if you want scored twice, you have to create more opportunities. We lost three times and we are not worthy (in the quarterfinals). You can say, ‘ you have so many opportunities ‘, but we cannot do anything to benefit from the opportunities, “said Van der Vaart.

“I knew the match would be difficult. We should have scored twice. We are initiating action very well and scored one goal, but we became nervous because we knew we had to score the second (to keep the odds in eight large). “

“After our first goal, POrtugal started to play very well and we didn’t. We all played poorly. We all need to reflect. All we can say is this a bad thing for the supporters. “

“We lost confidence after (losing) action against Denmark and in Portugal, we know everything could end up badly and it happened. We have to start everything from scratch, “he added.

Van der Vaart: Netherlands Should Reflect

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