Veloso Says Portugal Success Secrets

Midfielder Miguel Veloso, Portugal.

Portugal Midfielder Miguel Veloso, calls, defense and humility as key to the success of his team in the quarter-finals of the European Cup as runners-up Group B.

“Once again, we showed how powerful our unity as a team. Started the tournament with a defeat is difficult. The secret is our defense and humility, “said Veloso, after the action against the Netherlands, Thursday (17/6/2012).

Portugal started the tournament with a 0-1 defeat of Germany. They went on to win 3-2 over Denmark, and last won 2-0 over the Netherlands. In the third match, the percentage of ball mastery of opponents Portugal always lose, but they are always superior problem solving opportunities.

On action against Germany, Portugal notes ball mastery 44 percent, but creates seven chances of gold from 11 attempts. Compare with Germany that releases four shots accurate from 12-time experiment.

When facing Denmark, Portugal ball mastery 42 percent, but 12 of 17 shots that they remove the leads right into the target. Whereas Denmark has only created six of the nine times gold opportunities efforts.

Mastery of the ball only 42 per cent of Portugal is also in action against the Netherlands, but they are creating a serious threat to face eight opponents of 22 attempts. As for the Netherlands only releasing five shots of titis 13 times trial.

In the quarter-finals, and Portugal will meet Group A champion, Czech Republic. As for the Group B champion, will meet Germany, Greece.

Veloso Says Portugal Success Secrets


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