Batak Tor-Tor Dance is owned by INDONESIA, NOT Malaysia!!!! [F*ck Malaysia]

Today, I heard that Malaysia claim that Tor-Tor Dance is owned by them. Actually I don’t know when did they claim it exactly but once I heard it I was shocked and said What?!! Malaysia, are you crazy?!!!!


Tor-Tor Dance


Tor-Tor Dance

Have you guys ever heard about Tor-tor Dance? Yes? No? Never? If you guys confused who is own the TOR-TOR Dance, Indonesia or Malaysia, it’s simple, first thing first, HISTORY NEVER LIES. Second, try to search in Google, YouTube or any other search engine with this keyword which related to Tor-Tor Dance, Batak Dance, Bataknese Dance, Batak Tor-tor Dance, Toba Dance or something else similar to. Oh wait, why Toba could be used as a keyword to find it, Toba is a famous lake or simply you could read about Toba by click this link, here you guys can find more information about what Batak is by clicking this link. The links will brings you guys to Wikipedia. Anyways all you guys could find all information about what Batak is in any other articles in the internet. AND PLEASE NOTE THIS, when you find any information about them, TAKE A LOOK AT THE YEAR when that information posted. Hopefully all people who are lived in this world, who still alive, passed away, and who will come to this earth, not again confused where does Tor-Tor Dance belong to. It is owned by Batak from North Sumatera, Indonesia.

More information about Malaysia which have a slogan Malaysia is f*cking truly asian: It’s just an information that Malaysia has a variety of legal and cultural issues, including contention over the lion dance from Ponorogo, East Java, the song “Rasa Sayange” from Ambon, Batik from Java. I don’t know why Malaysia always want to have a problem with Indonesia, do they want to have a war with Indonesia or what and I don’t know why they claimed Indonesia’s culture, didn’t Malaysia have any pure culture, origin from their country? Anyway, is the slogan of “Truly Asia” good enough for that f*cking country?!!! “A small note about this post: I care to mention about Tor-Tor Dance in this post, just because I have a batak family name in my name, it’s GINTING. So, I am also one of the BATAK ethnic, from North Sumatera.” Peace for all you guys but F*CK you Malaysia!!! MalaysiaBatak Tor-Tor Dance is owned by INDONESIA, NOT Malaysia!!!! [F*ck Malaysia]

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