4 Android applications (Games) which are popular for your child

Development of gadgets and technology world today as if it cannot be driven off again. A wide variety of the latest devices have made the user seems spoiled by the sophistication of the technology. How does? Because technology lifestyle man can change. Not even just an adult child can operate the gadgets and latest technology products such as mobile phones android, blackberry or any other smartphone.

Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store


Currently, many existing applications and offer Play on Google (Android market) as the application checks electricity bills and application blocking adult sites. But among the many applications in the Store there are a few Google Play android application is the most popular and well liked by the children.


Android applications are favored this child including an interesting application for tried and installed in order to be enjoyed by children as well as providing its own learning to sharpen the ability to think, create and use.


The following four name Android application is the most widely used children ‘s:

1. Kid Fashion by Zoodles

Games Applications on android this is very fun for a child because in this application there are educational material for children aged under 8 years. Developing creativity in thinking there are art and story in this game. As to try for a child who is having a great curiosity to play activities he unconsciously also sharpening the brain and creativity thinking and have high imagination in developing the mindset of a child.


2. Paintbox

Application of the sustain for a child to make realistic paintings in digital form. Digital Media to develop knowledge about paint is applicable in the following Paintbbox. For those of you who like to paint this application seems worth trying. Because of the safe use and develop talent myself a child.


3. Angry Birds Seasons

Angry bird is the current favorite game which seemed to all walks of life love to play with. A child, teenager or adult. This Game is light enough when we played was waiting at stops or being bored as well as saturated with job. In addition, the Game angry Birds is also suitable as well as many of the favored child in general because it is simple and easy to play as well as safe without any element of violence.


4. Talking Tom Cat

It is an interesting and attractive to be played because you can respond to all the words and repeat what you say with a funny voice and unique. Of course this is very interesting also for children and would have liked a cat named Tom. Kids will laugh and smile while using this funny application.


Good luck with growing age can also counterbalanced with knowledge and provides guidance on children so as not to stutter. Thus technology can be put to good use. Because it was not a true technology it is beneficial and useful for human beings. Let’s play, Let’s learn.


4 Android applications (Games) which are popular for your child


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