Hotmail For Android: Open Your Hotmail Using Android Phones

The growing popularity of the operating system Android makes a lot of developer email provider that is vying to make Android apps that can be used to send and open the email. Some email providers are Gmail and Hotmail. The second brand is a giant email provider that provide email service free of charge to its users. Although losing to start with the release of time Gmail Hotmail application, application for Android is not less sophisticated applications with Gmail.

Hotmail for Android

Hotmail Android application for this is the official application developed by Microsoft Hotmail + Seven. With this, e-mail applications are Hotmail incoming or received by Hotmail account will synchronize directly with PAL application Hotmail on Android devices. For PAL, which has more than one email Hotmail, no need to worry because PAL application supports multiple Hotmail accounts have Hotmail. In addition, it also supports Android applications Windows Live Hotmail account with custom domains.

As for the existing features in Hotmail For Android application:

With push email PAL will get an email message through the Android phone without delay (delay), synchronize calendar and Datap kontakDapat see folders and sub folders in email HotmailDapat send a picture that is on your mobile phone using a multiple HotmailMendukung account HotmailDapat send, receive and view attachments

If PAL Applications are interested in using Hotmail for Android, PAL can download it directly via Google Play Store without charge alias free. Enjoy the ease of using Hotmail email on a phone PAL alone.

Hotmail For Android: Open Email Hotmailmu Using Android Phones


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