Link2SD: how to improve or add to the Android phone Internal memory

Internal memory on the Android phones are very small and restricted turns. Sometimes when PAL technology centers are installing applications or gaming fun on Android phones, appears warning that the phone’s internal memory is full and the low or insufficient. Of course it will make PAL become irritated due to not being able to install the application’s pet PAL.

Link2SD - Android Apps on Google Play

Now PAL need not worry anymore, there is one application Android that can be used to add the rest of the Android phones internal memory which is Link2SD. Link2SD this application can be downloaded for free through Google Play Store. Unfortunately, not all Android phones can install this application, only Android phone that has diroot can install applications Link2SD.

Tools and Materials needed:

Ways and measures to augment the remaining internal memory:

Download and Install Link2SD on Android phone PAL.Backup the existing data on the SD CardCabut SD Card then connect it to a PC or laptop using the Card ReaderInstall MiniTool Partition on your PC or laptop and then partition that exist at the jalankanDelete SD CardKlik right on the “Unallocated” SD Card and then select the “Create” Set in such a way so as to Create As “Primary Partition“, File System as “Ext2” size and “Partition Size” as small as possible (not the nolkan).Click on OKKlik right back on the “Unallocated” spaceAtur in such a way so as to Create a more “Primary Partition“, File System as “Fat32“.Click OKTekan button ApplyKembalikan backup data to a partition of type PAL last “Fat32“.Eject and unplug the SD Card and then put back on mobile AndroidJalankan applications Link2SD and select Ext2Link2Sd sobatJalankan cell phone Restart again.SD Card PAL will move the application to the status mountedUntuk SD Card, simply by selecting the “Create Link” on the application or game that diingin moved to SD CardAplikasi will automatically be moved to SD CardSelain, if PAL games or game installs, application Link2SD will melinkkan automatically.Completed

In the previous article, the Technology Center team is also trying to make a tutorial to use GParted to partition SD Card Partition Tool. However, if confused, matey matey still can see the following video to repartition SD Card menngunakan how to increase above the rest of the Android phone’s internal memory.

Link2SD: how to improve or add to the Android phone Internal memory


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