Online Data storage on the Internet for free using the Android-based Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud ComputingCloud-based storage media world was very crowded this time, rather than floating around in our mobile device data and make full so slow, it is better dipindakan into Cloud Storage. There are many benefits, can open up our data where aja and anytime.

However, Pal Technology Centre should not be afraid if your data will be lost, because the workings of Cloud storage does not store your data in one place but some servers used to anticipation when a moment is down or under repair, then you can still access your data that you have to trust the provider Cloud Storage.

Your favorite Android device can also enjoy services Cloud Storage, commonly experienced by mobile devices is the limitation of data storage media and restrict users store data in his own personal devices. Do not be afraid as well with kerahasiaanya, because the required login to access your data. When you save the file in the internal memory, can make your favorite device for loading should be much lelet data in internal memory.

Sloud Storage

Similarly, when you put it in the external memory can also memperlamban the performance of Android. Then you need the storage medium when Pal technology centre need it, you can access it. Because only need internet media to access it and don’t overload your RAM memory. When presenting your assignments will be Pal and Pal have forgotten not bring your storage media or because it is your memory is not accessible, then the Pal Center Technology can use Cloud storage that PAL had. Didn’t bother to bring memory was certainly ribet, then the solution is to Cloud storage.

Some of the Android devices that provide application storage media-based online, including:

Dropbox with a capacity of 2 GB can also autoupload photos and videos with personalized Wi-Fi _ only/3 g.Named in Box with 50 GB capacity is provided, but you can’t service autoupload.Sugar Sync with a capacity of 5 GB with a service that is similar to Dropbox autoupload. Google’s Drive with 5 GB cannot autoupload. The fifth is Ubuntu One with a capacity of 5 GB with autoupload and personalized autoupload with Bandwidth, folder.

Please download from Google, you can also Play synchronizing your data with PCs, mobile devices and Cloud Storage. After you installed it on your PC, mobile phone and then upload them on the web at once, then get into profit doubled Pal.

PAL technology centre can also share a file to your friend by sending a link or to take him as a collaborator, allowing you and your friends to share files as well as having the same rights to edit it. To compress the pulses are used, please set the upload with the Wi-Fi can also subscribe data packet, it can also use Wi-Fi and subscribe data packet from the operator.

Online Data storage on the Internet for free using the Android-based Cloud Computing Applications


One thought on “Online Data storage on the Internet for free using the Android-based Cloud Computing Applications

  1. There has been many providers for data storage online, and now-a-days it has become a must for firms which have a huge data with them. Online storage avoids the risk of loss of the data and is very helpful.


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