Samsung Galaxy S III Natural & Elegant Design, Video Sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S III

After the highly anticipated long enough eventually Saturday, June 2, 2012, smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III officially sold by Samsung Mobile in Indonesia. Samsung Galaxy S sales is done in unison III 23 major cities across Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Teknologi Super HD AMOLEDSamsung Galaxy S III has a minimalistic design inspired by nature. This Smartphone using screen 4.8 inches Super AMOLED DISPLAY with HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. With the support of the Super AMOLED technology makes PAL HD technology centre as if seeing an object with a shape and color. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III also has a weight of 135 grams with 8, 6 mm thickness. Available in two color options, White Marble and Pebble Blue.

Samsung Galaxy S III Landscape

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S III uses a resolution of 10 MP is located on the back of the phone and it comes with HD video recording capabilities and video stabilization. To mengkatifkan cameras, PAL Technology Center just touches the camera application shortcut from the desktop next phone will be ready to aim and do capture on an object.

Fitur Brust Shot

The camera application has also added features Burst Shot i.e. ability to perform continuous capture by as much as 20 times relentlessly. Burst Shot feature on the Samsung Galaxy S camera also features ability Best III Photo used to recommend the best picture of 8 capture objects in a continuous non-stop. This feature is of course very beneficial for PAL who likes to photograph an object or an object that is moving.

Fitur Smart Stay

Features Smart Stay is also one of the features that are present in the Samsung Galaxy S III. Stay Smart features sensors that can use this turn off the screen (screen) automatically when watching PAL or dormant desire video and then fall asleep. Of course this is a new innovation to the efficiency of the use of batteries.

Fitur Direct Call

When receiving a SMS message PAL, smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III was able to do direct call just by putting a cell phone in the ear. S Voice also features embedded on this smartphone, PAL can control the Samsung Galaxy S only by using a sound III PAL like play music, take pictures, or executing other applications.

Fitur S Beam untuk transfer data

For data transfer, the Samsung Galaxy S III is equipped a Beam’s features can transfer data between two adjacent smartphone/touch up to 300Mbps speed via Wi-Fi and NFC connection. And many other interesting features. In Samsung Galaxy S Indonesia III this dibanderol Usd price range with 6.999.000,-

For details on the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S III can see through this link buddy. (This Post was sponsored by Samsung.)

Samsung Galaxy S III Natural & Elegant Design, Video Sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S III


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