Snow Leopard Transformation Pack: how to Transform Windows 7 Into Mac OS

Interface Snow Transformation PackTalking about the operating system seems less complete if the operating system does not mention this one. Windows. Yes true, Windows is the operating system has been developed by the computer giant Microsoft. Start step with MS-DOS to Windows 7 operating system is certainly an awful lot of very significant changes. A very striking change surely if the problem of graphics. Of course at that time there would not be such thing as Aero Taskbar like today.

But over time the running Microsoft continues to evolve. Development by Microsoft of course always counterbalanced by developers outside Microsoft itself. Therefore Microsoft will certainly do so that development can meet the satisfaction of the users of Windows.

Operating system Windows 7 which belongs to this new operating system can be called as that can meet the needs of current users. Ranging from graphics, capabilities, and reliable security. The graphics are quite Amazing this can be said for some people can be said to be lacking especially those who frequently modify the look of Windows 7.

Windows Transformation Pack is a software (software) which serves to change the user interface in windows display to be displayed. There are various Windows Transformation Pack, one among these is the Transformation Pack Snow Leopard Transformation Pack, Windows Transformation Pack which is able to change the appearance of Windows 7 into Mac OS.

Well, no need to linger longer to immediately know how to change the appearance of Windows 7 Into Mac OS Snow Transformation Pack menggukanan. The following steps can follow Buddy:

The first thing of course is mandatory and has Snow Transformation Pack software. Please download Snow Leopard Transformation Pack first.Next install the PAL is quite ipaket as the application program install PAL or in General.In the middle of the installation process will be faced with three options buddy type i.e., Completed installation, Customize, Performance. The installation process is completed on the type and performance can be said as the installation process. Some PC or laptop having problem in software or third-party applications. So the team of technology centers advise to choose Customize option because this one type can be set according to the configuration of the user.Some of these third-party applications, among others, RK Launcher, and Y’z Shadow, VirtuaWin. On some laptops that third-party applications can slow down your computer’s performance is slower, so that we can reduce or dispose of one like that only serves Y’z shadow as a shadow.

Snow Transformation Pack

The next step please wait until installation process is finished.After Snow Leopard Transformation Pack installed, your PC or laptop PAL will restart automatically. View changes that occur after a restart.Completed.

Here’s a screenshot of the result of Snow Leopard Transformation Pack :Desktop Snow Transformation Pack

Tampilan Snow Transformation Pack

Snow Leopard Transformation Pack: how to Transform Windows 7 Into Mac OS


2 thoughts on “Snow Leopard Transformation Pack: how to Transform Windows 7 Into Mac OS

    • In helping the issue, try to skip the login items :

      To skip login items Temporarily

      1. Power up your computer. When the blue screen appears, hold down “Shift.” When the login window appears, let go of “Shift.”

      2. Enter your login information. Click “OK” then immediately hold down the “Shift” key.

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      3. Release “Shift” after the desktop appears. All of the login items will be skipped if this process is completed correctly, and your startup time should be significantly quicker.

      To skip login items permanently :

      4. Login as the administrator, or whichever user wants to skip login items.

      5. Click the “Apple” button in the top-left corner. Select “System Preferences.”

      6. Click “Accounts.”

      7. Select the “Login Items” tab. This will list all of your computer’s login items. If you want to skip a login item permanently, select the item than click the “-” sign underneath the list. If you want to hide this application on startup, put a check mark next to it.

      Hopefully, this way could be helpful for you, let me know if it works.

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