Social Networking: A New Socl Belonging To Microsoft

As we know, Microsoft is a well-known company in the field of computer software. Microsoft windows operating system is one of the most often we encounter. Initially only MS-DOS-based only, but in its development has been based on windows 7 and even microsoft will soon be releasing windows 8. In addition to the operating system, microsoft is also making a new innovation with the addition of desktop software, server, technology, web gear, game, hardware, education, and also provide some license for all of its products.

After you are satisfied with the development of operating systems on your PC/Laptop, Microsoft is trying to build an operating system for mobile phones or better known as windows phone OS. His latest version i.e. windows phone 6.5 now mango has been used in mobile phones nokia and samsung lumia. Don’t want to miss with the development of the internet world, since 2011 Microsoft also tried to build a social network.

Tampilan Socl

Social media is named a Socl comes from the word Social. To register on this, PAL Socl Technology Center can log in by using your windows live account or using a facebook account that have been linked with social networking. Unfortunately, using systems like Socl invite on social media pinterest. So PAL should be invited or diinvite first before joining Socl. Furthermore, this new social network will ensure that PAL had 18 and older at the time of joining.

The first time will encounter after login i.e. PAL option to invite a friend to join Socl matey. Socl built not just social networking purposes hnya; it can also be used by users to share information about the pages of your website. Like on facebook, the social networking berlamat in also has a notification or notification activity. PAL technology centre can find this notification feature in the top right corner right next door to photo PAL. In addition, Social media-microsoft is also adopting a certain friendship against the twitter system following and followers in regards to adding social.

How do PAL, tertarikkah PAL use it? Just go ahead and ask a friend who already has an account PAL Socl for menginvite PAL!

Social Networking: A New Socl Belonging To Microsoft


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