Best Music Player App For Android Phones

Musik Player AndroidAny cell phone or Android smartphone has its own music player application that can be used to play music wherever located. Unfortunately the music player application provisioning has many flaws HH in terms of sound quality and convenience in using the music player.

However, Google has provided a variety of Play Store music player that delivers the features and amenities that are better than the default music player or mobile phone Android smartphone.

The following will review applications from our 5 best music player that can use on HH PAL Android phone PAL. Some of the music player application is there which is a paid version.

1. Winamp, Developer: Nullsoft, Inc., File size: 4.6 MB

Winamp free version does not provide and is only found in the equaliser version paid only. However features provided in the free version are not less interesting, one of which is wireless syncing. This feature allows exchanging music files with PAL PC already installed desktop version quickly. Available widgets that can put it in your homescreen with PAL size 4 × 2 and 4 × 2. Queue management feature in the desktop version can also be found in the music PAL player.

2. DowbleTwist, Developer: DoubleTwist Player, File Size: 8.5 MB

Same as winamp which has facility of wireless sync, doubletwist also got. But the difference is that feature can also be performed for file photos and videos. When another free application with superior features, this application is even limiting its features quite a lot and paid version only presents, so can’t enjoy PAL features like equalizer and download album cover. The drawback is the size of the installer files are quite large.

3. MixZing Media Player, MixZing developers:, File size: 3.1 MB

In addition to being able to play music, the application also provides a range of features relating to the song such as album cover and lyrics. There is also a navigation lock-screen widget that is used to control the player at a time when we are in a State of Android phones are locked. PAL technology centre can also find a variety of information about artists and songs that you want through this application. This is possible because the application android browser is equipped as a search engine dantentunya requires an adequate internet connection.

4. PowerAMP Music Player, Developer: Max MP, File Size: 2.9 MB

The interesting part of this application is the availability of 10 band equalizer that can use PAL manually to get the audio sound better with a maximally for bass and treble settings separately. PowerAMP can play all the songs folder on the SD card just by pressing one button. For mass trial this application can only be run for 15 days.

5. PlayerPro Music Player, Developer: BlastOn LLC, File Size: 3.2 MB

Although giving a mass trial for 7 days, PAL technology centre can enjoy all of its features without any restriction at all. Specifically for HH which uses the operating system Android OS version 2.2 and above 10 graphic equalizer are available with 15/customaizable default presets. As completeness of applications music player, PAL can download a free plug-in that DSP pack that can be used to improve the quality of the sound produced. To prevent this application runs continuously, Sleep Timers are available with fade out effect. To use it just waggle your Android phone PAL just next to this application is going to play a song that is in the list of playlists.

Well that last five music player Android applications that can use the PAL to play and listen to music with features that are not less interesting with music player phones or provisioning HH Android smartphone.

Best Music Player App For Android Phones


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