Proud To Be European Champion

Spain Captain Iker Casillas, lift the European Cup trophy, in the excitement of the whole squad. Spain won the 2012 European Championship after beating Italy 4-0 in the final at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday or Monday (2/7/2012) early morning GMT +7 Jakarta time.

Spain, the Champion of UEFA Euro 2012

Spain, the Champion of UEFA Euro 2012

The European Cup has always evoked fond memories and deep for the footballer who was once part of the team that won the Championship. Unforgettable memories as European Cup champion was not felt much football so that anyone who can feel it has profound pride as a member of the champion team.

There are 159 players who feel the sweetness of victory in the European Cup final. Thousands of other players can only dream of enjoying special memories as you follow that entered the tournament Edition akbar-52.

Pietro Anastasi recently separated from his teenage years when he helped Italy win the European Cup in 1968 in his own.

Instead, Arnold Muhren entry 37 years of age when the Netherlands won the European Cup to help, two decades later.

Here are some impressions of the European Cup from time to time, as summarized in the official site of UEFA.

Viktor Ponedelnik, a member of Russia team at the euro 1960, who scored the winning goal in extra time.

“I always enjoy the memories in the final defeat of Yugoslavia. The Soviet Union became champions of the European Championships. No one can forget the moment of victory like that. For me, a 54th-minute victory in the 113 that is the most important throughout my career. I scored a lot of goals for Club and national teams. However, there is a match and scored a very special, which became the highest point of the career of a player. It is fully owned by me, the best moments of my life, “he said.

Luis Suarez, a member of the team at the 1964 European Championship Spain. The midfielder moved the home team beat Russia in the final.

“The most I can recall Memories is of the atmosphere at that time because the Santiago: very crowded. The audience fully support us. Perhaps because we are a team of young players who want to achieve something. I bring an atmosphere of calm into teams and put a damper on all the pressure. We perform well so worthy of winning. Whereas, when it was the Soviet Union had a very good team. Spain team in previous years is actually more good, but never achieved anything. ”

Antonin Panenka, a member of the Czechoslovak team in the European Cup final in 1976. Scored the winning goal in the penalty shootout against Germany which ended with a score of 5-3.

“I used to stay with us after practicing as a goalkeeper. We are practicing penalty kicks. We like to bet for a chocolate or a glass of beer. Because she is very nice, bet it becomes quite expensive for me. So, before you go to bed, I have always thought how can better than he got ideas for my delayed kick and then include it. I started using that way in a friendly match, and then in the League, and culminating in the European Cup. ”

Black Horse, Horst Hrubesch, the Germany team members in the West finals, 1980. Although not a starter, he scored two goal victory over Belgium.

“I compete in three games without scoring. Jupp Derwall not to vote if I am, I can’t oppose him. However, he made the right choice. I scored the opener, but in the second half, Belgium showed its class and equate in the 75th minute. It was a very hot day and I remember being so exhausted after the game so it is difficult to lift the trophy. My second goal, from the penalty-corner Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, is very important. ”

The witch, Marco van Basten, Netherlands team members in the final tournament of the European Cup in 1988 in Germany.

“You need a lot of luck and fortune that time given to me. It’s a fantastic feeling. That’s the time when we could say, this superior 2-0, we were able to win the match. I didn’t realize what I had done when scoring the second Netherlands by way of special. That goal was created after obtaining the ball from Arnold Muhren. We won in the final against Russia, 2-0. ” (OKI)

Proud To Be European Champion


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