Job Vacancy: HSE Manager

Our Client is a leading civil construction company looking for HSE Manager will be stationed at Jakarta office and willing to visit site in coordination with HSE Officers to ensure HSE implementation at project site implemented properly.

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Lowongan Kerja Job Vacancy HSE Manager

Job Vacancy: HSE Manager 


1.       Male preferably (35 – 45 years Old)

2.       Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Health & Safety

3.       Sufficient Experiences in HSE Managerial Level

4.       Strong experiences in Civil/Building Construction Field (Long Experiences in Civil/Building Construction Company)

5.       Great knowledge in OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001, preferred to have Lead/Internal Auditor Certificates for OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001

6.       AK3 Construction Certificate Holder (“AK3 Konstruksi Madya” Holder, “Utama” Degree preferably)

7.       Great knowledge in SMK3 Implementation System (SMK3 Internal Auditor Certificate Holder)

8.       Familiar in develop & control HSE Plan, HIRADC Plan and other HSE necessary documents

Job-descriptions :

1. In charge to develop and control Corporate HSE Management System based on OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001

2. To control and ensure HSE implementation at Project Site also implemented properly, including to control/manage all HSE Managers/Officers at Site

3. To prepate and develop HSE system based on SMK3 System for Certification Purpose by DEPNAKER

4. To prepare necessary HSE Plan, HIRADC, JSA and other necessary documents for specific Tender and Project Requirements

5. Dealing with External Party in all matters related to HSE system (Association, Certification Body, Government Body etc.)

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– This SAFETY TIPS is presented by EPTCO HR Division –

EPTCO is committed as a whole concerned about safety in the execution of work and level of safety as the top priority in which the most important quality, timely completion, cost effectiveness and integrity of the environment as the main target.

Management agreed to develop, implement and maintain safety management systems are effective at each job site, also in the company.

Management are targeting to achieve high standards of safety and compliance with relevant laws and contractual obligations relating to health and safety.



Management also requested to all field employees carry out their duties in accordance with the provisions of health and safety plan projects and prepare them for the purpose of safety in their every day work activities, ensuring all risks are identified earlier and how to control incorporated into the work program.

Safety is a concern for every person and every individual is solely responsible for safety at the work place and have a continuous improvement of safety implementation and everyone ensuring the health and safety obligations to the highest priority in terms of planning, work method, materials and equipment.

EPTCO is concern with how to grow and develop employee’s awareness of the danger at any time or safety conscious.

Management’s determination to always put the safety and health as equally important partners with other production elements. Emphasizing the responsibilities and duties of the supervisors in accident prevention program is to support as a first step in the prevention of accidents.

We need to know,  “No matter how simple a job, no one can do it efficiently and safely, before an employee was first trained for it”.

Most likely none of us are exactly in the same definition, why everyone has a different understanding of ‘Safety’ ? the answer is that “safety” is something abstract.

Safety is something that can not be felt, touched or seen, but there’s safety. We can feel its presence. For example, courage and honesty is something that is too abstract, we can not see and feel it, but we can feel its presence and effect. So it is with safety.

If something does not exist safety activities, then we will feel the shortage and the effect of its non existence. Safety is not something concrete such as loaders, cars, drilling machine. In general, humans are more easily solve a concrete problem than a problem in the abstract. If a vehicle or vehicles damaged, they can easily fix it. Something abstract such as “accident prevention” is more difficult to overcome, because we sometimes have trouble finding the correct solution, and it is difficult to achieve and measure results.

Why is it harder? due to accident prevention program can succeed, “then we must be willing to accept the fact that an accident could befall us at any time, and that we should still in our hearts the determination to act safely on an ongoing basis at all times”

Conditions that must constantly be aware of is the condition that can harm employees. Thus we can formulate that safety is: “A mental attitude in which employees are constantly aware that they do at work, there is always a danger that could harm”

So that accident prevention efforts can be successful, then any mental must be developed and practiced. This mental attitude awareness of safety concerns and a willingness to accept the fact that accidents can happen at any time


So we have formulated the “safety” is a mental attitude which employees continuously aware of that at work they are doing there is always a danger that could harm.

In order to prevent accidents, then the sense of safety must be determination and put as a top priority. Accident prevention requires a safety-conscious attitude. What is a safety conscious attitude?

Awareness of safety is something that we take it from the birth or something we have  learned or whether safety has been a constant determination in the life or are still sometimes come and go, like we are wearing clothes, sometimes we wear on and take it off

Develop a Common Sense

It is the ability to observe something thoroughly so as to understand what we see.Although this is mostly common sense derived from experience, we can train ourselves to observe things carefully and thoroughly. We can focus our mind to observe, and if we always watch something with the determination of safety conscious at heart, we will understand what we see.

Work and Trying

Like money, money can not we be earned with no work and effort. This is exactly the same as when we need to try and work hard to achieve expertise in each of our jobs.

As other efforts, we must observe the overall working conditions and alert to all possibilities. Alert means always supervise the activities of our subordinates and take immediate remedial action to see if there are things that can cause accidents.

Development and Safety Programs

Functions and duties of the supervisor is not easy. So that supervisors can carry out their duties properly, especially in the prevention of accidents, then should be able to think and work systematically with the formulation of safety that has been described above.

Safety Basics Knowledge

Accident prevention is a job or a skill that must be developed. If we already understand the basics of safety, and have developed our ability to implement, it is signified that we have been aware of safety, we signify that we have to have an awareness of safety.

Occupational health and safety for all employees working at work place with high priority and work safely is the main condition that needs to be increased by every employee. It is EPTCO Management’s philosophy that every accident is preventable and we are sure that something is safe, the implementation of a safe working environment work will create a positive influence both production and quality of work life of employees.

Safety is an integral part in the control and the presence of a safety management system has a major position in conjunction with organizations such as companies and government provision which requires the active support of every supervisor level.

However, each employee is also responsible for the implementation of workplace safety in order to achieve objectives such as safety programs that have been targeted by the EPTCO management.

Integrity and reputation is also one factor that really support the realization of the safety program with the mental attitude of faith where we all are constantly aware that there is always a place of work is always the danger that could harm.

If we have to understand and are willing to accept this reality that we face our daily tasks with this view, it can be said that we have developed a “Safety Culture” is a habit that makes safety as a routine part of every activity that we do.

One more thing that would keep in mind that although the program provides a technique to provide a positive example to  subordinates, but the outcome depends entirely on the efforts we are doing. Remember “The attitude of our subordinates to safety, also reflects on how supervisor’s attitude towards safety”

What is important here, no matter how much time should we devote to the production, the time that we use for safety must still balance the ratio of production increases.

” Think and prioritize safety, we certainly will work safely”

– This SAFETY TIPS is presented by EPTCO HR Division –